Genetic Engineering and Its Dangers

Genetic engineering, genetic modification, and genetic manipulation are terms that mean the same thing: the reshuffling of genes usually from one species to another; existing examples include: from fish to tomato or from human to pig. Today genetic engineered products are mixed in our foods and on the shelves at supermarkets. Some of these products have no warning or notice of them being genetically modified in any way. Research has discovered dangerous effects of genetically modified foods and many are oblivious to this because of the lack of information on these products. The dangers of genetic engineering, especially in foods, should be made aware to consumers so that they know what is being put into their bodies and the effect it can have on them.
To understand the dangerous effects of genetically modified foods a general description of genetic engineering is needed. Genetic Engineering is used to take genes and segments of DNA from one species and put them into another. To do this, techniques are used to cut DNA randomly or at specific sites. Once different segments of DNA are isolated, they can be studied and multiplied and put next to any other DNA of another cell or organism. This makes it possible to transfer information between unrelated species. Each gene will need a "flag" that the species will recognize so that it will be accepted. The final stage is often perceived as a precise method, but placing the gene into the higher species lacks precision and predictability. The new gene can end up in the wrong place or connected to the wrong gene which can disrupt its function. Even though this process is used to help the function of the new gene, it also causes more interference and enhances the risks of unpredictable effects.
Some critics refer to genetic engineering as a test tube science that has been used prematurely used in being applied to food production. A gene studied in a test tube can only tell what t…

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