Genetic engineering

Ever since 1800 BC, people have been using organisms to create new and different foods.Mankind has made much progress since then, incorporating new and different plant traits into everyday foods. These changes make new improvements in the food we eat.Corn is one of the most common staple foods, used in everything from cereal to chips.It is an important food, which can be made to produce an important amino acid, lysine.With altering of its genetics it will become a more rounded food source.
Sweet corn is the type of corn used in human consumption.By increasing the amount of lysine in it, sweet corn can be shipped to, and grown in 3rd world countries to help cure a world hunger and malnutrition problem.Many meats are high in protein rates, however these have not been found to have any significance in genetic engineering in corn.
Many microorganisms can synthesize amino acids from inorganic nitrogen salts.The amino acids accumulate within the cell prior to protein synthesis.Some microorganisms are capable of producing amounts of lysine.To do this process you would need corn (the whole plant and kernels), E. coli plasmids, restriction enzymes, genetic sequence for manufacturing lysine, proper growing conditions for E.coli plasmids, and needles to inject the corn nucleus with a plasmid.To have corn produce a larger amount of lysine you would, take a plasmid from an Escherichia coli bacterium and cut out an unneeded part with a restriction enzyme.Next, you insert the genetic code for synthesis of lysine.Then, you insert the lysine-producing plasmid into the nucleus or the corn.Now the sweet corn will have a larger output of lysine.
Lysine is one of the most important amino acids in the body.In children, lysine is needed for proper growth and bone development.It is crucial in that it aids in the formation of collagen, which is the basis for connective tissues, skin, cartilage and bone.It helps build muscl…

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