Genetic Engineering

The field of genetic engineering has came along was sense the discovery of DNA. However, genetics is a science that brings worry to many peoples minds.With genetic engineering being applied to many aspects of our life, it is hard for anyone not to be affected by it.With the new advances in genetic engineering comes many questions about the extent to which genetic engineering should be applied to agriculture, farming and animal husbandry.Sense science has been successful in improving the quality of life through what society eats and drinks, it should proceed in the field of genetic engineering. Having practice in manipulating genes of plants and animals will help scientists when they are able to decode DNA, and apply it to human beings.Many of the risks that are associated with genetic engineering do not outweigh the benefits of genetic engineering.
As of today Genetic engineering has already been applied to our food supply.The genetic engineering to our food supply is a good thing.Science has already improved our food by providing pesticides that keep harmful insects off our crops.But because there are some disadvantages to using some insecticides genetic engineers have developed ways to treat the plants so they are more resistant to disease. They have also added to some of our foods, such as "golden rice", nutrients that we need that are hard to get enough of in our daily diet. Genetic engineers added vitamin A to the rice to help the people in 3rd world countries that have problems with vitamin A deficiencies.They are also able to make vegetables have a longer shelf life by preventing spoilage, which will help aid in supplying food to needy people.One such vegetable is the tomato that has been modified by being given genes from cauliflower mosaic virus, which causes the tomato to have a longer shelf life. They will also soon be able to grow larger vegetables and grow them in harsher conditions, which w…

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