Genetic Engineering

Genetic Engineering

It is a horrific sight of sauntering through an over-populated urban city whose inhabitants are commonly plagued with diseases.These ailments, which cause the public to alter from a customary lifestyle, tend to have not only a detrimental effect on common health but also can induce premature termination in certain individuals.The people are forced to endure all the unfavorable side effects that go along with harmful attributes of their specific syndrome while the archaic forms of medications appear to only prolong the malady and not remedy it.New techniques in genetic engineering could allow the public a relief from such affairs.
I assume it is decided by a majority of higher authority that the extraordinary amount of disease in the community is a splendid occurrence in view of the fact that His Holiness, Pope John Paul II, invoked the "playing God" cliche when the Vatican announced that cloned human beings would not have souls. This marvelous episode was also supported when our preceding President Bill Clinton, whose moral stature is highly regarded, directed the National Bioethics Advisory Commission to prepare a report examining the ramifications of cloning technology.Our superbly ethical and honorable ex-president then urged that no federal funding should be allowed for research into cloning human beings or genetic engineering.Therefore it can be deducted, that whoever can find an inexpensive and impious way to broaden illness would be performing humankind a favor.It would be such a good deed that the Pope should declare that person, whoever it may be, a saint so that he shall be honored as Mother Teresa or St. Christopher.
In contemplating this significant area under discussion for such a diminutive amount of time, I have come to another exceptional conclusion.Given that genetic engineering is being brought to a standstill, the fears of over-population need to no longer subsist….

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