Genetic Engineered Foodss

Alex Ruiz
Genetic Engineered Foods
Genetic Engineered Foods are too controversial and unstable to be consumed by the general public.Great deals of scientists have very opposite opinions about Genetic Engineered Foods (GE).Genetically altering foods is the process of modifying crops by using new bio-technological methods.There are two specific types of gene altering techniques.GE foods have many negative effects on the human race.The environment is also being negatively effected by GE foods.American restaurants and groceries are carrying GE foods with most of the customers not knowing.Most Americans are not aware of the Genetic Engineered Food's health risks.L – tryptophan was a substance that was genetically altered and resulted in paralization and death.Hunger has nothing to do with Genetic Engineered Foods like most people believe.Stopping and beginning to research GE foods will help and affect everyone in a positive way.
Great deals of scientists have very opposite opinions about GE foods. "We've had years and years of scientific discussion about this, and the conclusion is very clear.If it continues along this path, some of these foods are eventually going to hurt somebody," says Philip J. Regal, a biologist at the University of Minnesota.This is right because it has occurred over the years using gene-altering techniques.There have been many examples of people getting effected physically by GE foods.Dr. Rebecca Goldburg, a biologist with the Environmental Defense Fund (EDF) says, "People need to know that some of these foods could turn out to be unhealthy to eat or harmful to the environment."Both living things and their environment are in a risk of being harmed.
Genetically altering foods is the process of modifying crops by using new bio – technological methods.Approximately 50% of all the soy and 38% of the corn acreage planted i…

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