Genetic Diseases and Disorders (as through animal cloning)

Genetics.A science that has through the ages been the center of not only scientific debate but religious and morale ethic discussion.Recent genetics has caused uproar in such discussions especially in the science of the ever growing genetic cloning.Since the successful cloning of many animals such as Dolly the sheep and CC the kitten many have been dreading the appearance of a human clone.Yet even with such outrage the science of cloning has continued its advancement and even has provided hearts to heat failure patients.Yet before all these advancements there was one who began the cycle.She was a sheep and her name was Dolly.
Dolly the sheep wasfirst created in the Irish labs of the Roslin Institution in 1996.Yet the accomplishment was not easy.Now when most people think of cloning they think of deformed objects floating mystically in a glass container.However the process is much more complicated than that.In fact there are several types of cloning methods.In Dolly's case the process of Reproductive cloning was used.Reproductive cloning is a technology used to generate an animal that has the same nuclear DNA as another currently or previously existing animal.The cloning of Dolly proved that cloning of adult animals could be accomplished.Previously it was not known if an adult nucleus was still able to produce a completely new animal.That was not it in this case.Scientists Ian Wilmut and Keith Campbell discovered a method with which to synchronize the cell cycles of the donor nucleus and the host egg cytoplasm.Without synchronized cell cycles the donor nucleus would not be in the correct state for the host egg to accept it.The donor cell was forced into the Go stage of the mitotic cell cycle by starving the cells.When the nucleus enters the egg cytoplasm, egg proteins"reprogram" the chromosomes in the nucleus.The dividing embryo is transferred into the oviduct of a surrogate…

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