Gender Stereotyping In Children

The three researchers examined and looked at the relationship between children and gender stereotyping.In thefirst article (Powlishta 2000) looked at the target age of gender stereotyping.In the second article (Karniol, Reichman & Fund 2000) looked at the influence of children's gender acquaintances existing on animal characters that were known to be female, male or unclear.In the last article (Boyatzis & Eades 1999) looked at the differences in preschoolers' and kindergartners' artistic development and the gender differences in their art.All three articles show us that gender stereotyping does exist.
Powlishta (2000) conducted an experiment because she wanted to find out the target age of gender stereotyping.She looked at both young children and adults. She hypothesized that more would be used when people were judging children.
To test this hypothesis Powlishta conducted two studies.In herfirst study she used both children and adults.The subjects were both male and female.She used pictures from magazines and catalogues.These photographs were head and shoulders images.There were sixteen pictures in total that were equally divided of women, men, girls, and boys.The subjects were asked to rate the question they were asked after viewing the picture.The pictures were already rated in a previous experiment that she had conducted as to whether they were feminine or masculine.For example the experimenter would show the subject an image and then ask the subject if the image looks like a strong person, a messy person, a gentle person, a person who cries a lot, an intelligent person, etc.Each trait was rated for each image on a ten-point scale.
In her second study she used college students, some of them had also participated in thefirst study.The subjects were given a list of traits and were asked to rate each one according their own opinions.They rated these traits on a five-point…

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