Gender and Hand-Grip Strength

Hand-grip strength plays an important role in assessing clinical
situations, daily activities such as picking up a glass full of water, and
for vocational reasons.Measurement of hand-grip strength determines the
isometric strength of the muscles.Isometric strength or static, or
static, strength is the muscle contraction in the joint angle that does not
have a change in length but it affects the muscle tension and connective
tissues. Hand-grip strength measures the muscles of the hand and the
forearm. Studies have shown that the dominant hand is usually stronger
than the non-dominant hand due to capability and daily use of the hand
A cross-sectional study conducted by Luna-Heredia, E, Martin-
Pena, G, and Ruiz-Galiana, J assessed the effects of hand-grip strength on
517 subjects with 267 of them being females and 229 being males to test out
the normal reference values of hand-grip strength in men and women related
to anthropometry.2The grip-strength was measured with BASELINE and GRIP-D
dynamometer on the dominant hand and non-dominant hand to find measures of
each hand with the maximum of 3 trials on each hand.Results showed that
males have higher grip strength in left and right hand compared to females
by all age groups.The male subjects’ non-dominant hand results were 21%
greater in hand-grip strength compared to females and dominant being 22%
greater.The average kg for male dominant hand was 39.95 kg vs. 25.72 kg
in females and average male non-dominant hand was 35.1 vs. 22.8 kg in
There are several determining factors that influence the hand-grip
strength which are gender, age, height, weight, dominant handedness,
physical activity, and occupation.2These data are important in finding
out what type of therapy is needed for the injured hand and for creating a
training program that is sport specific.The purpose of this lab is to
compare the gender differences in mal…

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