Gel Electrophoresis

In this investigation gel-electrophoresis is used in determining a killer's identity.DNA found under the victim's fingernails is compared to two possible suspects.The results ruled out Suspect 2 and victim himself.The bands from Suspect 1 matched the evidence taken from the fingernails.

Sarah Jeffries and Jim Candell had gone to a movie late in the evening and he needed to get some money from the ATM.Sarah stayed in the car while Jim got out to make the withdrawal.A man snuck up behind him and beat him to death with a tire iron.Sarah could not make his face out, but she did see his nose when he took his mask off.She said he had a Roman nose and possible scratch marks because Jim struggled with him.The police narrowed the suspects down to two and brought them in for DNA testing.This is a process of DNA testing is called gel-electrophoresis.DNA samples were taken from under Jim’s fingernails. Then DNA was taken from the victim and both suspects.The reason DNA was taken from the victim was to make sure the DNA under his fingernails wasn’t his own DNA.This process is used to convict a suspect beyond reasonable doubt.Gel-electrophoresis is a very accurate process that is used to determine fathers of babies, and killers, by the process of analyzing a person’s genetic code.

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Materials and Methods
First the gel was made from agarose.The agarose was placed in a microwave until melted.A comb is then placed in the gel at a vertical position.The gel box is then placed on a level surface, to be left undisturbed for about 20-30 minutes.10 ml of molten agarose is poured evenly into the gel box to fill the central cavity and wrap around the wells.Then the gel was left alone for the time listed above.Agarose has a neutral charge.Using a neutral substance will not interfere with the electrical current moving through the gel.
The next step is loading the gel.10 ml …

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