Gary Condit

Mark Sherman Writer for the Philadelphia Inquirer Reports that Gary A. Condit, A democrat from California received a grand jury subpoena for undisclosed documents related to the disappearance of federal intern Chandra Levy.Abbe Lowell, Condit's lawyer, issued a statement saying "whatever the reason were for the issuance of the subpoena, the congressman would provide the documents".
Levy, 24 disappeared shortly after ending an internship at the Bureau of Prisons in Washington.Condit acknowledged a close relationship with Levy but has denied being involved in her disappearance. Federal authorities said that they do not consider Condit a suspect, but they are examining whether Condit and his aides may have obstructed the search for Levy.
Larry King, A CNN talk host said "This is thefirst sign that this country is going back to normalcy, after the September 11 attacks everyone forgot about the Chandra Levy case now once again it's starting to surface".A poll on CNN show that Seventy percent of the people asked felt that Condit has some connection to the disappearance of Levy.
Condit has not said whether he will seek reelection. But a chairman for Art Torres, chairman of the California Democratic Party, was less than enthusiastic about the prospect of Condit running for re-election in 2002. He said he had “great concerns” about Condit and offered not one word of support for the embattled lawmaker.
“As chairman, I don’t think it’s my place to tell an incumbent member of Congress what to do. He’s smart enough. He knows what the figures are, he knows what the polls are looking like, he knows his district. He’s got to come to his own conclusions,” Torres said.
Even thought this is not a major development in the finding of Chandra Levy, I feel that the subpoena is just the start for what Gary Condit is in for.

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