Future of Business under Bush

President George W. Bush has announced a 6-point agenda for
stimulating the US economy that he plans to implement, if re-elected. The
plan would help businesses as follows:

• The cornerstone of President Bush’s economic plan is his
proposal for eliminating double taxation on corporate dividends
carrying a price tage of $ 370 billion over the next 10 years.
At present, the IRS taxes a company’s profits and then taxes
investors who receive the profits as dividends as well. The
measure is likely to benefit entrepreneurs and businesses that
pay dividend income, and seeks to strengthen businesses in the
long-term that choose to distribute capital to their investors
by means of dividends. (Jones, 2003)

• Current tax laws permit small businesses to write off up to
$25,000 worth of equipment purchases as expenses. The
President’s plan would increase that limit to $75,000 and index
it to inflation – encouraging small businesses to buy
technology, machinery, and other equipmentneeded for

; Small businesses would be allowed to join together to purchase
health coverage for workers at lower rates, resulting in lower
health care costs. Measures are planned to reduce mass tort
lawsuits against businesses and health care workers and
insurance companies that drive up costs of doing business.
(“President Bush’s Six-point Plan, 2003”)

; Another Bush proposal relating to businesses is a comprehensive
national energy plan focusing on upgrading the nation’s
electrical grid, promoting energy efficiency, and increasing
domestic energy production. (Ibid.)

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