Functions of the mitochonria,ER,chloroplast,and golgi comple

Mitochondrion are sites of cellular respiration.The outer membrane is smooth.The inner membrane is convoluted with cristae that provide surface area.Proteins that function in respiration are built into the inner membrane.Membranes divide mitochondrion into internal compartments.The intermembrane space is between the inner and outer membrane.The inner membrane encloses the mitochondrail matrix and some of the steps of cellular respiration occur here.
The endoplasmic reticiulum consists of cisternae that are a network of membranous tubules and sacs.It separates the internal compartment, cisternal space from the cytosol.The Smooth ER's surface lacks ribosomes.It includes enzymes involved in phospholipid, steroid, and sex hormone synthesis.This ER is also involved in carbohydrate metabolism and the detoxification of drugs and poisons.Certain drugs increase the production of the Smooth ER in the liver, which leads to an increased tolerance and less effectiveness.The Smooth ER also functions in the storage and release of calcium ions during muscle contraction.Ribosomes a re attached to the Rough ER's surface.Secretory proteins are manufactured here and many become covalently bonded to small carbohydrates.When this happens, they are called glycoproteins.The Rough ER manufacturers mambranes by inserting proteins formed by ribosomes into the membrane.The Rough ER enables the transport of vesicles to be transferred to other parts of the membrane.
Chloroplasts contain the green pigment chlorophyll.Two membranes bind them.Chloroplasts enclose a fluid called stroma and a membranous system of flattened sacs called thylakoids.Thylakoids that are stacked together form grana.Photosynthesis occurs in the choloroplasts.
The Golgi Complex is a stack of flattened membranous sacs.There, products of the endoplasmic reticulum are modified, sorted, and routed.Vesicles join the cis face and add to th…

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