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Dentist – Doctor of Dental medicine (DMD) or Doctor of Dental Surgery (DDS) av.
Dental hygienist – associate?s or bachelor?s degree; above ave growth
Dental laboratory Technician – 3-4 years on the job
Dental Assistant and Certified Dental Assistant (CDA)
Electrocardiograph Technician – ECG/EKG 1-12 months on the job training; below ave. growth 1-12 months on the job training, HOE
Eletroenecphalogigraphic (EEG) technologist – fe have 1-2 year on the job trainingAbove ave. growth 1-2 years of on the job training
Medical Technologist – (MT)-certified (c)- Bachelor?s or master?s degree; licensure or registration required.
Medical Laboratory Technician (MLT) Certified Laboratory Technican (CLT)average growth 1 year HOA or associate?s degeee
Medical Laboratory Assistance – a 1-2 of HOEverage growth
Phelobotomist (blood) – average growth 1-2 years
Radiologic technologist AART (registered) assiocaites degree or bachelor?s degree above average growth
Biomental equipment Technician CBET (certified) assiocaite?s degree or bachelor?s degree
Physician – doctor?s degree above averrage growth
Physician Assiostant (PA) PAC – 2 or more yyears of college and often a bachelor?s degree above ave. growth
medical assistant (ma) CMA RMA -2 year HOE program or assiociate?s degree
Veterinarian DVM or VMD – 4 years preventerinary college above aver growth
Aniaml Health Technician ATR (registered) certificate or assiociate degree above ave. growth
Veterinary Assistance – HOE averae growth
Anesthesiologist – admionistration of medication to cause loss of sensation or feeling during surgery
Cardiologist – Disease of heart and blood vessel
Dermatologist – diseases of the skin
Emergency Physician – acute illness or injury
Endocrinologist – diseases of the endocrine glands
family physician/pratice – illness or injury in all age groups
Geriatrician – diseases of elderly individiauls
gynecologist – …

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