Recently, there have been many crimes that have put our nation in a state of fear. School and work shootings, the 09/11/01 terrorists attacks, recent sniper shootings, and highly publicized kidnappings have had such a large impact on us that one is almost forced to feel that increased security is a necessity. How much security can be enforced before the risk of stepping on someone's liberties becomes the new problem? If we do tighten security, how many liberties are we as a nation prepared to let go of? Also, before we agree to sacrifice too many of the rights that our forefathers fought for to guarantee us to be free, can you ever completely make a situation perfect? Is tightening security truly going to make our nation safe or will it make our nation controlled?
Although it does not put our liberties at risks, think about how much privacy we really have in this day in age. There are very few stores that do not have cameras installed or people hired to follow their customers throughout the store. Most federal buildings look at your personal belongings through a machine. If we consider the personable content that women often carry in their purses it will be easy to see how awkward this can feel to a woman. Even if we take it to a basic level, in our homes we are often not even assured privacy. Many people have the knowledge to listen to our telephone conversations and to continuously monitor our activity on the computer.
Many of these liberties are being threatened already. A perfect example of restriction of liberty in an attempt to have a stricter security is the situation with the schools not allowing parents in the classrooms.I recall when I was a young child and my mother would pick me up from school. It was a very simple process. She would let the secretary in the principal's office know that she was there to pick me up and go to my classroom to get me. However, when I pick my child up from school, I do

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