Freedom or Equality

This is not an easy motion to debate on. Thus, this piece of writing will mention, discuss and bring forward the irrationality of choosing either freedom over equality or visa versa, without having a harmonious counterbalance between the two factors, implemented by a regulatory body. It will also include examples of countries which “total freedom” or “total equality" is in practice, where the search for total freedom led to total anarchy, or the pursuit for total equality curtailed the freedom in all areas of life. This short writing will be concluded with a personal view.
The idea of choosing either one of these two factors will somehow seems vague. Equality without freedom is suffering and monotony (communism) whereas freedom without equality results anarchism/Libertarianism.
There may not be any country in the world that live under anarchy except Somalia. In Somalia’s case, one can claim that there is an existence of total freedom without any sort of equality in place. Somalia practiced “scientific-socialism” of Karl Marx during the years of Siad Bare’s dictatorship. The concept of scientific-socialism brought about restrictions upon personal, economical and political freedoms. All citizens were to be treated equally in regard to Karl Max’s ideology, but equality in that sense was incompatible with the situation the country was in.
A struggle for freedom started to take form just after 5 years of scientific socialism, opposing the total equality with which the state imposed upon it is citizens. And in 1990, after many years of rebellion, the citizens were successful to overthrow the “Scientific-Socialism” based government but unfortunately could not replace it with a fair government. Instead Somalia’s quest for total freedom became worse than total equality.
Equality in freedom can mostly be seen in democratic countries where, citizens are able to politically elect their leaders, express th

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