Freedom of Speech

Today people might misinterpret the meaning of Freedom of Speech.Freedom of
Speech is defined as the right to express ourselves, our thoughts, our beliefs, and our
hopes, without getting permissonfirst, from some government official; and without
fearing that we will be put in jail for saying the wrong thing. However, if you speak out
against sensitive issues, you’ll be surprise how fast they’ll try to silence you. Personally,
I think Freedom of Speech should be restricted but sometimes the punishments are too
Why should I do anything but to try and stop hate speech? It doesn’t have any
purpose or socially redeeming value, so why not just outlaw it all and be done with it?
The answer to these questions is not an obvious in your face answer. However, most
emotional issues seldom have obvious answers beyond the immediate, and often
detrimental, emotional response.But when basic rights and freedoms are at stake, it is
worth the time it takes to think through one’s reaction.
The United States Supreme Court recognizes the First Amendment guarantee of
free speech.This is better known as fighting words. These words are described by the
Court as “those which by their very utterance inflict injury of or tend to incite an
immediate breach of the peace”(The Fighting Words Doctrine).
To add to racial issues that has caused some commotion, we can include the
incidents that took place at Texas A&M about a comic strip in the school’s newspaper.
Freedom of Speech 2
Many African American students was offended by the racial comic and spoke out at a
protest held on the school campus. The editor had previously refused to apoligize
saying,” it was not offensive and was meant to c

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