Freedom of Information Act

The Freedom of Information Act: Serving and Protecting
The United States of America is founded on democratic ideas and the security of individual rights and freedoms.Citizens are given freedoms to fulfill their aspirations and attain their goals. In order to fully protect our country's people we must oblige by our democratic roots.It is on this notion that the Freedom of Information Act was constructed.In the late 1960s the United States was in a major transition towards the information age.As a society we left behind our industrial era and focused our attention in striving for technological advances.Information was becoming more and more accessible.It was in 1966 that the United States of America put forth the Freedom of Information Act found in Title Five of the United States code, Section 552.This allows citizens to attain federal agency records and information (U.S. Department of Justice, 2000).
The availability of information can serve as a huge benefit to the citizens in search.Allowing people to have authorizations of federal agency information gives them an understanding of their government and it's doings.Our system of governing is based on its people and their contributions both politically and financially.As a citizen they have a right to know the government's actions.
There are unnumbered reasons why citizens may request information from their federal government agencies. Satellite photographs can useful for geological observation as well as historical proof.Family members of deceased airline passengers can request the recordings of flights prior to a crash. Other forensic information can be helpful in knowing the full details of an event. Information on FDA approved supplements may be acquired to those wanting to know about testing procedures.Individuals being prescribe with new drugs appearing on the market may desire knowing more detailed information on it's h…

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