Freedom For theThought That We Hate: First Ammendment Rights

When the idea of "freedom for the thought we hate" was brought forth, along with it came many opinions about the statement. Many people probably thought this idea was that of someone who hated people himself. Many other people, however, saw it in another light. Those others realized that restricting one's right to hate is just as closed-minded as hate itself. Freedom for the thought we hate not only allows us to hate, but it protects our right to defend ourselves against hate.
Many of today's hate groups base their hate on race and religion. Such grounds include belligerent militias, skinheads, and the Ku Klux Klan. The lyrics of some songs also hint at hate toward one or more peoples. Theses people's freedom to hate is protected under thefirst amendment of the Constitution.
Freedom to hate was not only meant to assure hate groups of their rights to hate, but also to protect the rights of minorities to fight back. For example, if members of a white supremacist group decide to rally in a predominantly African-American neighborhood, they have every right to do so. The neighborhood, however, has the right to hold an African celebration on the same day, in the same place. This right makes freedom for the thought we hate seem more balanced.
The effects of hate are very widespread. Almost every person on earth is the victim of some kind of hate, but because of ourfirst amendment rights to free speech, we are able to respond. Also, there are whole groups of people who are targeted for hate. They can also fight back. These groups include Black people, Jewish people, women, and most other minorities. Hate toward these and other people is expressed through flag burning, cross burning, Swastikas, racist/sexist remarks, and racially or sexually slurred profanity. This could begin to crescendo eventually, however. Hate is a result of ignorance. If people take to to exercise their rights to free speech by expla…

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