There is a lot of freedom in America.However I think that our freedom is restricted by the price we have to pay for freedom, and by the nationality of a person, and by how our freedom is always at risk now from the events of 9-11.These are the things that don't make America totally free.
Our freedoms as Americans are restricted by the amount of taxes that we have to pay.We basically have to pay for our freedom.If America was totally free this would never happen.I understand that the taxes help for the budget that Congress and the President make.I think that taxes may hurt the economy in other ways.All the money that the government takes from our pockets we could be using to spend on a new car, down payment on a house, clothes, or other such commodities.By paying taxes we have a great defense system, with the army, navy, and marines.So in a way they are protecting our freedom.But as September 11, 2001 showed us, even with the best of defense system things can get through the cracks and then our freedom is really in danger of being non existent.
After the events of 9-11, anyone who resembled a Muslim or any foreign nationality would automatically be persecuted by either the American public or by law enforcement (assuming that they are a terrorist).It was racial profiling by a country that based its morals on being free no matter the color, nationality, appearance.Now all of the sudden everything has changed.Those people who were attacked by the American public sure didn't feel that they had any freedom at all.After all isn't that what brought them to this Country.Women who came from other countries who didn't have any rights at all are coming to America, and then because they look like a Muslim or are from India, they are being persecuted.That is not freedom.Nor will it ever be freedom.September 11, 2001 changed the face of America, and sadly we will never see that face eve

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