The price of freedom is a very high one that not many are willing to pay. Willingness to face the truth is thefirst key factor.Alot of people have ideas and suggestions to help redeem our country, but no one stands up. If we want our voices heard, we have to SPEAK!Although speaking is not enough. We have to take action!
Freedom. What does it really mean? Does anyone actually know the true concept of freedom? How can they know, unless someone shows them the real truth??
So many people have died fighting for the love of freedom and liberty, but has anyone learned from them?
Yes, some people admire the patriots of yesterday, but do we respect them?
There is a major difference between admiration and respect.
Admiration occurs for all the wrong reasons. It usually stems from ability, false appearances, or riches. Everyone should be individual, not based upon someone they “admire”.
On the other hand, EVERYONE should be respected. If someone doesn’t have the respect of their peers, they may begin to feel inferior, and they won’t have the confidence to be unique. If people don’t think they are “good enough”, they will try to find someone to admire, to model their own lives after– not to be more indiviual.
Respect is required for everyone to be considered equal. All men were created equal, so they should be treated as equals.
Obviously, equality is something that hasn’t been achieved yet in this culture. We need to focus on ways to bring equality into this country, because equality is directly linked with freedom.
Another key factor is morality. Moral values are depleting rapidly in this country. A prime example is abortion.
Abortion is the “forgotten” word, even for politicians.Gwendolyn Brooks says,
“Abortion will not let you forget. You will remember the children that you did not get.”While abortion is still legal, the truth doesn’t change– even in the outcome of …

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