We as Americans have many freedoms.At the same time they are very much limited. On the surface we see many freedoms, then when we get down to it there are rules that we must follow in order to achieve these freedoms. Age is one limitation that we have on our freedom, as well as many other hidden factors.
On the surface we have the Bill of Rights that gives us the right to many freedoms.At the same time we are told not to do some things because we don't have the right to.Take the freedom of speech for example, and the many restrictions that come with that.I can't just go out and say exactly what I want because it might offend someone.I can then be taken to court for slander.Being almost 18 I have many things that I am not able to do even though society says I am an adult.I can't go out and do many things that people who are considered"adults" are able to do.I am still in school so I have to abide by those rules and there are some things that I can't say that I might wish to.I feel that school is nothing like the real world, because in the real world a lot of those rules do not apply.This restricts my freedoms as an American citizen. I am like a slave to what the social masses deem to be right. I am expected to go to school for 12 years of my life. Five days a week I get up, and go over the repetitive motions of a so-called normal day. I am told what to learn about, when to eat, and, in the case of my school, when I can and cannot use the bathroom. My freedom to live a normal, free life is taken away from me. I am locked out of the bathrooms because some people have abused privileges. That is "so called" privileges, I personally do not think that using the bathroom is a privilege.It is a right.It is one of those things that everyone must do and no one has the right to say you can't, or restrict access to you.That is infringing on your rights, the freedom to do…

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