In America, we have many freedoms that people in other parts of the world
can only dream of.These freedoms include the right to free speech,
freedom of religion, and the right to vote.Freedom is the ability to
do what you choose with your life without breaking laws that were made
We are not truly free in the purest sense, but we do have many freedoms.
Americans choose what kind of job they have and can get rewarded for doing
a great job.However, we are not truly free.Freedom is symbiotic with
financial security.Those with more money actually have a reasonable
chance at getting elected into a major public office, while those with
no money for advertising are given no chance by the media.In the 1998
election, 23 different people ran for governor in California.However,
only four candidates aired commercials on television (the four richest)
and these four were the only candidates allowed at public TV debates.
Not surprisingly, Dan Lungren, the only major (rich) Republican candidate
carried 98% of the Republican votes, easily beating his closest opponent,
while the three major Democratic candidates combined for more than 99%
of the Democratic votes, easily beating the other four Democrats running
The fact that true freedoms only come with financial and economic
security is also evident in the courts.Those with more money can pay
for better lawyers and often win cases in which the educated public
thought otherwise.Examples of court cases in which rich people won
while the public thought differently include the O.J. Simpson trial,
the Rae Carruth trial, and the Ray Lewis trial.
The U.S. government allows the most freedoms possible in a civilized
society.However, the government and I agree in that this society's
people are not emotionally civilized.Extremely rich businessmen try
to do things to help improve their a

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