Frankenstein Essay Research Paper Life is full

Frankenstein Essay, Research Paper

Life is full of choices; however a ?right? choice made by one may seem barbaric to another. In Mary Shelly?s Frankenstein, Victor Frankenstein the protagonist, struggles in making a decision. He must determine which situation concerning himself, his family, and the world is morally correct.

Although I believe differently, some may feel that Frankenstein should have created another monster. He brought a creature into the world and abandoned it at first sight. He left this creature without means of survival in a society that slighted him. As the monster began to grow and learn he realized his loneliness and longed for a companion. Frankenstein who had lived his life always surrounded by family and friends could not understand what it felt like to be completely alone. He felt no sympathy for his creation, just horrified at his actions. The creature, intelligent and aware of his surrounds, knew that he was different and therefore not accepted in society. After his numerous attempts to be kind and make friends failed, the creature just wanted a female mate. He promised Frankenstein that if he had a mate the two monsters would disappear and never be heard from again. Frankenstein feared that if he did not create another monster his original creation would desire revenge and become evil, killing his family and friends as he had done before.

I, however strongly disagree with this idea. I feel that life, along with people are very unpredictable. You never know what could happen or the choices that could be made. Every person has will power to change their mind and their actions. The differences between individual personalities are what make interesting people. The monster, although it had a horrific appearance contained many human qualities, including unpredictability. The first monster was created with a sense of good and kindness. He did not look to be evil or hurt anyone. He remained hidden and tried to learn from every experience he had. The monster did not mind disappearing from society as long as he had a companion to be with. Another monster just like the first would not have caused any harm; and could have potentially saved Frankenstein much pain. The question that makes this issue debate able is What if? What if the second creation was completely evil and killed numerous innocent civilians. There are many possibilities; such as the two monsters could have children and as Frankenstein put it ?create a race of devils.?

Frankenstein realized that his own hands he could possible scar the world forever.

It was for all these reasons that Frankenstein finally decided to destroy his second creation and live in fear of the monster. He decided to sacrifice his closet friend, family, and the women he loved in order to potentially save society from the possibilities. Frankenstein realized that creating another monster would be a selfish decision, which could bring harm to many innocent people. He ended up living his life just as the monster, completely alone. Frankenstein now understood and sympathized with his monster, although he vowed he would find him and one day proclaim revenge.

Life altering decisions are made everyday. Some are as easy knowing what is right and following the rules. However many decisions are filled with temptation and hardships. Frankenstein had a very difficult decision in which many people would have chosen to benefit themselves rather than suffer for society. I feel that Frankenstein made the moral and ?right? choice although many would say morality is a matter of opinion.

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