Frankenstein Essay Research Paper FRANKENSTEINMary Shellys Frankenstein

Frankenstein Essay, Research Paper


Mary Shelly?s Frankenstein, directed by Francis Ford Copola, is a movie about a creature named Frankenstein that is created from various body parts. The creature turns into a monster when the creator, Dr. Frankenstein, rejects him. The director guides us through the story of Frankenstein?s quest for knowledge, and his creatures search for his “father”. Frankenstein is portrayed as a good creature for many reasons.

One reason why Frankenstein?s monster is a good creature is because he is portrayed as almost humanlike. He is capable of many things including being sympathetic. The creature becomes friends with a family and anonymously provides them with food. He seems happy during this time and he observes and learns from them through a hole in the wall. He is illustrated to us as a caring sensitive creature who looks out for others even though he aware of his hideous monster appearance. He performs humanlike jobs and would be mistaken for a human if it wasn?t for the way he looked.

Another reason why Frankenstein is a good creature is because he is capable of great love. With that great love is also great rage but that is only because he wanted revenge on his creator. Frankenstein is only searching for identity and compassion and wants to have a wedding night. The creature tells his creator, “Deny me my wedding night and I’ll be there for yours.” He is being mean by saying that but he is just lonely and wants someone to love. Frankenstein is a victim of forces beyond his control and surprisingly he is compassionate.

In conclusion, Frankenstein is only a creature tormented by the world as an ugly evil being when he is only a lonely man searching for a friend or companion. The real monster is Frankenstein?s creator and father who abandoned him and left him to fend for himself. You can?t blame Frankenstein for acting out because he was never taught right from wrong. Frankenstein asked for nothing but love and wanted to give nothing but love. He acted as a savior and learned for himself what human life really is.

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