One day I was on my way to school when I read a bumper sticker that read, "FLUSH THE JOHNS."Of course, this sticker was referring to John Kerry.While this bumper sticker is humorous in manner, it has a very adamant symbolic importance.
While John Kerry was in Vietnam, he committed some acts that I think were very immoral.First of all, he was a coward.He received a high draft number, so he went ahead and did what he thought was the "heroic" thing to do and volunteered for the navy.Maybe then he would be less likely to see combat on the ground in Vietnam.He received extremely minor injuries three times, a couple of which the authorities thought could possibly have been self-inflicted, and yet he received medals even though he never spent any time in a hospital ward.He ended up only being in Vietnam for four months.After his four months of service, he went behind the government and met with North Vietnamese officials in Paris.Later, while the war was still going on and our POWs were being beaten in Vietnam, he testified to the Senate and raised accusations against our troops in combat saying that they were indiscriminately killing people and livestock and burning up farms and villages.After his testimony, the Vietcong played the tape of his testimony for the POWs and tried to make them confess to these atrocities.Today, there is a picture of John Kerry's face in Ho Chi Mien Square in Communist Vietnam.
John Kerry spent twenty years in the U.S. senate.During those twenty years, he authored no significant legislation.In congress, he voted against thefirst war against Iraq, Desert Storm with George Bush as president.He voted for the second war in Iraq with George W. Bush as president.Then he voted against the 87 billion dollars to supply our troops in Iraq with the materials and body armour they needed.
I personally do not believe in Kerry's views.He supports Civil Uni…

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