fitness motivation

It?fs a common problem. Motivation. Not just for getting to the gym or for working out correctly, but look at giving up smoking, reading more, writing yourfirst book?Ethe list is endless. Many people don?ft realize what they can achieve because their mind just conveniently tells them that, but it is amazing what anyone can do beyond their conceptions. With good planning, education, encouragement and keeping an awareness of one?fs own nutrition there is no reason why anyone cannot achieve specific targets. Achieving these targets leads to an improvement of the quality of life beyond many people?fs dreams. When starting a fitness program, one of the greatest challenges is getting started and maintaining the interest. It is as much a challenge to the instructor as it is to the participants. It is very difficult to get people to adopt and maintain a physically active lifestyle even though research shows that exercise can have many positive side effects such as controlling weight, improving health and helping persons “get the most out of life”,
where does the problem lie? Why do people start a fitness program, start to see it reap benefits, but somewhere down the road, perhaps 3 or 6 months later, drop out completely? Human behavior is complex and is not always easy to predict. One reason may be that the exercise interferes with a someone?fs personal life, for example, many people enroll themselves in an aerobics program and will do well for about 5 or 6 months
before they quit. Those early morning workout sessions just became too costly-not in terms of money, but on their social life. Because of the aerobic sessions, they had already missed a number of entertaining breakfast get-togethers with their friends.
Eventually they will stop because they value their friendships over their
aerobic sessions. Another reason may be that they Wanted results too fast an average guy maywork out at the gym in the local youth center …

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