Fascism is on the rise

Back in the year of nineteen-forty-five, the allied nations of Canada,
Britain, the United States of America, the Soviet Union and the British Commonwealth defeated the fascist government of Nazi Germany, ending nearly 6 years of war and ending the tyrannical reign of Adolph Hitler. It was a victory for freedom, and was supposed to bring an end to fascism and the nazi ideals. They did not accomplish that goal though. Economic declines and poor world markets are beginning to make ideal conditions for a new fascist governments to form, and have led some to begin thinking like the Nazis of 1932 did. In our present day world, the issue of fascism is commonly overlooked because of terrorism, socialism and the AIDS virus. But this is a dangerous thing. While those are all serious topics, the revolution that is beginning to happen around the world cannot be ignored for long. Fascism and Nazism and both now on the rise around the world.
Russia is one of the country's that is, or should be at the forefront of the new fascist and nazi revolution. They have a stagnant economy that is having troubles dealing with the collapse of communism and competition from its European neighbours.Many observers have noted that "the rise of fascism is inevitable, given the chaotic state of Russian society"#. There is also a ultra right-wing political party in Russia, and they are much like the Nazis from 1930's Germany. They are called Russian National Unity, and they refer to themselves as "national socialists", wear black uniforms, have a symbol like the swastika and perform the Fascist Nazi stiff armed salute#.If Russia were to become a fascist state, nobody knows what would happen. Some possible scenarios could include a fascist Russia creating a fascist USSR, re-igniting the Cold War and possibly could include the re-occupation of the former USSR states. They would make people look back to the glory days of the Russia…

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