Family Therapy

Gestalt Family Therapy has a greater range of styles and modalities than any other therapy. But the styles in each modality vary in type of structure, quantity and quality of techniques, frequency of sessions, abrasiveness/ease in relating, focus on body, cognition, feelings, interpersonal contact and so on (Yontef 1993). Psychodrama may also be used (Weiser 2003). By using confrontation, dream analysis, dialogue with polarities or role playing, a healing/learning process may be carried out in formally organized groups of three or more individuals who seek change (Hearon 2005).
Therapists have realized that family-based interventions are as effect, or more effective, than alternative interventions, and cost less (Consumer 2005). Groups are met when there is a need for crisis intervention, marital or family therapy, children's behavior problems, or psychosomatic disorders, (Gestalt 2006) with the intention of eventually being able to employ learned behavior patterns outside the group (Group 2006). The group is looked upon by the therapist as able to look at past life influences and how this has changed the dynamics of the group by changing behavior. The clients are brought to a point of responsibility, learning how to avoid problems, finishing unfinished business and to look at experiences in a positive light, especially in the awareness of the "now." The therapist leads the clients to an awareness of what each one in the group is experiencing at that very moment in their life, with the therapist going beyond the limited techniques usually associated with a single theory (Smith 1993). Each person is responsible for their own contact with reality and interrupts their own ongoing processes by tensing, avoiding, running away or by deviating attention. As each person is made aware of this, the group is able to see how that person faces reality and interacts with it and with the other members of the family group.

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