Family and Divorce

Research has shown a rising divorce rate and reasons as to why this may be the case. Some of these reasons are women's independence, economic issues, infidelity, and finally role confusion. Divorce has negative effects on children especially in areas such as school work, behavior, social and cognitive development. Children are not affected the same. Boys and girls as well as the age of the child when the divorce occurs are factors that can determine how a child may be affected. Because divorce often leads to single parent homes, children must learn to adjust living with one parent. Overall, children are negatively affected before, during, and after the divorce.
In recent decades everything from technology to the economy has changed drastically. Social changes include rising divorce rates and the emergence of new family configurations. According to Meyerhoff (n.d.), a doctor of education, "Families offer companionship, security, and a measure of protection against an often uncaring world" (section 1, para.1).When a family changes and is split up by divorce, this "uncaring" world becomes more evident. Divorce can be controversial as it defies the myth of the family. The myth of the family is understood that a man and woman wed their love to each other in holy matrimony and then proceed to have children. It is then when the family is understood to have been formed. When the marriage terminates, changes in the family structure take place. As the divorce rate rises, changes in family configurations negatively affect the children mentally, socially, and emotionally.
Statistics show (Meyerhoff, n.d) that "50% offirst time marriages end in divorce while 60% of second marriages end in divorce" (section 1, para.1). In past generations, the divorce rate was not as high as it is today, and there are a few reasons this has become the case. Some of the main reasons for divorce are: women's increasing i…

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