Fallacies of Irrational Thinking

The Fallacies of Irrational Thinking is the topic of this paper. To understand this concept you mustfirst know the definition of the term fallacy. Fallacy is defined as deception, an error in logic, or an often plausible argument using false or invalid inference. In this course we learned that there were eight fallacies: perfection, approval, should, overgeneralization, causation, helplessness, and catastrophic causation. In this paper I will attempt to explain each of them.
The fallacy of perfection is when a person that
thinks that everything must be perfect. It can be as innocent as someone who must keep their things neat and clean or as extreme as a person cleans constantly because they don’t feel that anything is clean enough. In their eyes, everything must be flawless. A person with this fallacy may most commonly be known as a perfectionist. One of their setbacks is that they are some busy perfecting that they don’t have time to do other things.
The fallacy of approval is when a person that
insures that they say and do is acceptable to
others. They are people pleasers, willing to do
anything to make everyone happy and often say what
the listeners want to hear. They are sometimes known as two-faded because they are on everyone’s side of an argument. Most often affected by this fallacy are adolescents because they thrive on peer approval. A
downfall is that the individual is so consumed with
pleasing other the it may be difficult for them to
The fallacy of should is when a person confuses what they want with what should be. They never understand why things are not going their way. This fallacy, unlike most of the others, can sometimes be beneficial, in moderation, in careers fields such as law enforcement and politics. In these field, in general, what the individual want usually will benefit public. On the other in hand, an extreme fallacy of should can be disasterist. One such exampl

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