falcons in the uae

Falconry is the upkeep of falcons.It is a very valued tradition in the UAE. Falconry is a sport that came to UAE many years ago.Poor people and rich people enjoyed it.It was a big part of their life in the desert.People think that it came by the muslim Arabs who went to Byzantine and Persia. The falcon is known as the Saqer.It is very loved by the people because of its beauty and lovely eyes.
H.H. Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan loves falcons.Falconry is his favourite sport.He says " falconry is a port that teaches endurance, strength, and patience."
The two main species used for hunting in the UAE are the Saqr falcons (Falco Cherruq) which are brought from other Middle Eastern countries and the Peregrine (Falco Peregrinus) The Saqr is the most popular because it is good for desert hawking. The female Saqr (Al Hurr), which is larger and more powerful is the one which is used more than the male (Garmoush). The female Peregrine (Shahin or Bahri Shahin) is also thought to be better than the male (Shahin Tiba) for hunting purposes.
Training falcons requires both courage and patience and it is made possible by the trainer. Ronald Codrai in his book The Seven Sheikhdoms describes the training of falcons as follows: “The key to success in falconry is the relationship of falcon and falconer who must exercise patience, skill, and devotion”. The ability of a falcon to obey his master is what makes the Arabs like the sport a lot.
In the training process, the falcon sits on a round wooden thing like a mushroom which moves. This is calledAl Wakr.Or on the trainer's hand which is protected from the sharp nails of a falcon by a big cuff which covers his hand, this is called the Mangalah. This is usually made from material which is filled with straw or cloth. This is where the falcon sits. The falcon is held by a two braids of cotton, these are called Al Sabbuq, and they are attached to a leash to make…

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