Factory Farming

The human race has a way of masking its deepest and darkest aspects.We, as a race, would rather make everything look pleasant.This human characteristic can be seen by looking at what animal farming has become in recent times.A change in the way farming is carried out has taken place.The farming industry has become a highly cruel and competitive business in which the well being of animals is no longer taken into consideration.The only concern is finding the easiest was to make large amounts of money.This current and degraded style of animal farming is called factory farming.
As human beings, we may like to believe that each and every one of us is a decent person.We perhaps would rather believe that not a single person in our species is capable of delivering heartless and inhumane treatment towards animals.It would be nice if this was the case.It is not.
With a strong mind and with strength and courage we can look through the masked world that some corporations have tried to create and see the truth.In this case it is the difference between believing the false world that large and greedy corporations try to create for us or looking beyond it to find the truth.In order to understand the truth, we must be aware of the whole picture. While we may understandably buy into the views that large corporations (such as McDonalds) promote, it is also important to understand how animals are treated in the process of delivering us these (seemingly very convenient) fast foods.
Just recently my eyes were opened up and I was shown the entire picture around factory farming.Previously, I was completely unaware of this harsh mistreatment towards animals.By looking back on myself and seeing how oblivious I was it is easy to see how many other Americans are either unaware or in denial of the of the ugly facts around factory farming.
There are many causes to the current unfortunate practices in the factory farming in…

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