Facial Recognition

Fingerprint and Facial Recognition Software. Crime fighting tools
Since the birth of the digital age, the rapidly changing technology of computers is allowing people to perform tasks that once were performed manually and took several hours, if not days to complete. From the average person using a computer to order goods through the internet to Law Enforcement Agencies using computers to help apprehend violent criminals and foreign , computers and computer software has changed the way we live and perform everyday tasks.
In any society, there will always be a criminal element trying to elude the law. Early methods consisted of sketching suspects and having their images printed on wanted posters to be displayed in public. This early method gave the public a visual image of the wanted person and made it more difficult for them to carry on with their illegal activities without being noticed by someone. This method wasn't always the most accurate because innocent people who slightly resembled the accused could be apprehended and jailed wrongfully. Years later, other methods would be developed could accurately identify a suspect and link him to a crime. One of the most accurate methods was fingerprint identification. Fingerprints could be collected from a crime scene and stored for later comparison when a suspect was apprehended. Because every person has a unique set of fingerprints, wrongful identification was greatly reduced and the strong evidence was directly linked to the guilty. Other methods would follow over the years but fingerprint identification would remain as the most solid form of identification.
In the 70's, with computer technology changing rapidly and criminals becoming more dangerous, the FBI started looking into methods of storing fingerprints digitally in order to share them with other agencies across the country. This system would come to be known as AFIS (Automate

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