Extreme Enviroments

Extreme Environments
This video shows how the animals survive in the wilderness.It shows how they are adapted to surviving in their own environment.These animals have been gifted with the abilities to survive the situations that are put up against them.
Thefirst thing the movie showed was the adaptability of spiders.A scientist roped off a large area and captured spiders and then tested them for a research experiment.She then found out that the hybrid spring spiders did not want to mate with the aggressive mountain spiders.
Next the video showed how the cheetah runs and how it is able to run that fast.It also showed how the foghorn runs and said it had a large motor and a good transmission.That means that it could run at a fast pace for a long time.The foghorn is a distant cousin of the antelope and both of these animals can run very fast for a long time.The cheata on the other hand can run faster but not for a long length of time.After the cheetah sprints, or runs its fastest it will be weak for around about thirty minutes to an hour.This makes the cheetah a very talented animal because it has to know when to use its abilities and when to save them for the real need for them is present.
The video also showed a man and a team of experts exploring the long lost world of the deep ocean parts.They used a small submarine to travel about two thousand feet below the surface of the ocean.The man said before they got to their wanted depth, "It will be so dark down here it will be like looking up and then only seeing only a tiny bit of sunlight through a crack in a door".Once the descent began he said,"It is like a whole different world down here, like something you would see off star trek".As they were descending down toward the bottom of the ocean floor they saw plenty of sea creatures.The man told the other guy that the creature he sucked up i…

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