Exploring an Unquiet Mind

When discussing this decision in a public forum, Kay Redefined Jameson stated, “One of the advantages of having had manic depressive illness or as long as I have, for so many years, is that very little else seems insurmountably difficult. ” (2) For this simple quote says so much about a wonderful woman who has taught me so much through her literature and will continue to as I purchase more and more of her writing. The quote was taken from a lecture right before she went on to describe her anxieties about going public with her illness. Later in the lecture she addresses that many people have lots of anxiety about going public with this illness.

Before becoming public about her illness, Kay wrote of her experiences anonymously. One article that he wrote was, Rules for the Gracious Acceptance of Lithium into Your Life (2) Jameson explains in this lecture that she wrote this after realizing that her residents and interns did not seem to understand why patients would struggle and resist medication. Though this material was accepted and a great teaching tool, it was written without the recipient knowing that the woman that had written it was incredibly successful in the academic world.

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In the same lecture, she states that one of the reasons that she was anxious about going public with her illness was that she didn’t want to bring bad publicity to Johns Hopkins School of Medicine. Professional reasons are a large part of why people choose not to reveal that they have a mental illness. In Mrs.. Camion’s case, she was not only afraid of bringing bad publicity, but what would be said about her and her research. She describes this anxiety very well in her novel An Unquiet Mind, “Will my work now be seen by my colleagues as somehow biased because of my Bias in the scientific world can be very dangerous.

To me, Mrs.. Camion’s concerns about this are completely understandable. A good reputation is extremely difficult to build and far too easily destroyed. Another professional fear she had was in reference to her teaching. Jameson sincerely enjoyed her teaching and wondered how her students would feel and behave if they knew that she had this illness. Jameson questions this in her novel when she states, “I cringe at the thought that these residents and interns may, in deference to what they perceive to be my feelings, not say what they really think or not ask the questions that they otherwise should and would. (1) The loss of respect from her colleagues was another major concern for Kay. The views her colleagues hold about her thoughts and search are extremely important. Kay wondered this when writing about attending conferences. She asks how her questions will be perceived, “will my question be treated as though it is coming from someone who has studied and treated mood disorders for many years, or will it instead be seen as a highly subjective, idiosyncratic view of someone who has a personal ax to grind. (1) Unfortunately, Kay is not the only one with Manic-depressive illness that has a struggle in publicly coming out about their illness. Many professionals in the medical field avoid seeking help because of the stigmas that are connected tit mental illness. But people in the medical field aren’t the only ones either. Many artists and actors/actresses struggle with Bipolar Disorder. (3) Though professional worries were a large factor in Kara anxiety about becoming open in reference to her illness, the personal aspect was still a consideration.

She states this very clearly in her novel, “The personal issues revolve, to a large extent, around issues of family privacy-?especially because the illness under consideration-?is a genetic one-?as well as the general belief that personal matters should be kept Growing up in a strict air force family myself, eve come to understand that family privacy is extremely important. Because if your family looks bad, your bread winner/ air force hand, in consequence looks bad also. And in military families, you do not dare to make the military hand look bad because it could prove to make advancing difficult for your military hand.

In addition, Kay was immensely concerned about the stigmas attached to this disorder. “Somehow, I don’t mind being seen as intermittently psychotic nearly as much as I mind being pigeonholed as weak and neurotic. ” (1) When viewing your illness and the experiences that come with it, it is no wonder that Kay writes bout the fear that if she were to speak/write publicly about her illness that that part of her would somehow not be a part of her any longer. Fortunately, she is a much better author than I will ever be and sums up this fear very eloquently in her novel. L will return to them one day and find them bleached of meaning and feeling. By putting myself in the position of speaking so freely and too often, I am concerned that the experiences will become remote, inaccessible, and far distant, behind me; I fear that the experiences will become those of someone else rather than my own. ” (1) When Kay has obviously decided for herself that the need o become public about her illness was much greater than her fears of doing so, wondered what her professional advice would be to people when considering coming out about their own struggles with Bipolar Disorder.

One article quoted Kay as saying, “Being open is the sort of thing that I advise people to think very long and hard about. It’s one thing if you are independently wealthy. It’s another thing if you’re out in the real world . “(4) With the knowledge of what Say’s advice was, I wondered what others would say also. And what others had experienced. Found one article rather compelling. L experience fear about my illness when I date and meet new people. I have a habit of being open with the person I meet and that is not good since they do not understand and may run away if they cannot deal with it.

My therapist and I discussed that I should not disclose it so early unless I am dating on a serious level. Once the person gets to know me very well, can open up. ” (5) This is a fear that I myself, may never really be able to relate to, but I can understand where it would be based. Being able to establish and maintain meaningful relationships is extremely important in being a productive part of society. Another factor of being productive is your ability to work. Linda describes in this article how much stress and anxiety there is related in to the working environment.

Unfortunately, I doubt that this will ever be completely eliminated, but I hope that through education, this will be minimized. Because we were “forced” to read this novel, I have learned quite a bit and look forward to continuing to pick up many materials by Kay Redefined Jameson. I have also learned a lot listening to lectures that have been posted online and am completely intrigued with the fact that someone (in general) can be so intelligent ND so humorous at the same time. She is an amazing lady!

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