Explore How the Character of Prospero Develops

How Prospers:s character develops happens in a variety of ways, one of the most potent ways appearing to be the treatment Of the Other characters Within the play. Prosperous character is introduced into the play in Act One Scene Two, after the tempest has shipwrecked Antonio and Alonso ship. We firstly come to realize that Prospers and Miranda are looking down upon the tempest and so the shipwreck and that Prospers is the cause for the storm. This makes the character Of Prospers immediately appear powerful, in a physical sense. We learn this through Miranda. Put the wild waters in this roar, allay This shows that Prospers has great physical power; we also learn that he has supernatural powers. These powers play a large part in the play and Prospers uses his own supernatural powers and Riel’s powers to manipulate the other characters throughout the play. By the end of the play, Prospers repents these supernatural powers. “I’ll break my This shows a great change in Prosperous character. As throughout the play, Prospers relies on the power he and Ariel possess to fulfill his ambition to once again become Duke of Milan.

The most obvious reason for giving up his powers s that he only needed them when on the Island, Now that he is returning to Milan, he may no longer feel the need for these powers. Yet this change shows an immense change in his character. It could also be because in the time, this play was written and performed witchcraft and magic were prosecutable offences and could lead to the death penalty. Shakespeare may have Prospers dispose of all of his supernatural powers, as it would not have been viable to have a ruler of Europe taking part in criminal activities.

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In an essay by John Middleton Murray he suggests that the reason Prospers does not take his powers away from the Island With him is because “if Prosperous power extended to the world beyond the island so he could compel the voyage thither, the drama would be gone”(3) This seems an accurate point to make, as it seems the Island is the catalyst for Prosperous power, and so if Prospers took his powers away from the Island it would take away from the drama that the powers create on the Island.

Therefore, it appears throughout the play that Prospers is not as powerful as is suggested in Act One Scene TWO (him creating the tempest). It appears that Ariel is the one who possesses the true power and Prospers is only powerful cause Ariel is doing his bidding. So, at the end Of the play when he lets Ariel go free this appears to be when Prospers loses his power not in Act five when he says he Will rid himself Of his powers. It seems Prosperous character does not realize this, as his God like complex seems a constant throughout the play, this seems so as he has power over all of the other characters throughout the play.

Yet even these changes as he develops from having a supernatural power over them to once again becoming the duke and so continuing to have power over the other characters.. The Shakespearian people would have seen their rulers as chosen by God and so would have seen Prospers -as Duke. As a God like figure. Therefore, although the view as Prospers being a God does not change completely it does alter. This is because by the end tooth play, he has developed and now he is returning to Milan does not require the supernatural power he needed on the Island to control the other characters.

However, he has developed and so realized that this power is not longer necessary. He required the power on the Island partially to control his slave Clinical. At the beginning of the play, Prospers is still in need of Clinical to be his slave and look after himself and Miranda. He is very cruel to Clinical and does not consider him human. It is easy to see this by the way that Prospers speaks to him using sub-human terms such as “Thou poisonous Slavs'(4) and him being called a Yet as Prosperous character develops, he appears to become less vengeful.

Clinical as a sub (or non) human has no rights at all. Furthermore, he was part of a murder plot to kill Prospers so it would not be unusual for the audience to expect Prospers to use his power to get rid of Clinical. Yet in the final act of the scene of the play, Clinical says: “Ay, that I Will; and I’ll be Wise hereafter And seek for grace. ” (6) Clinical here repents and agrees to seek grace and is simply allowed to go and live on the Island. This does not mirror the actions of Prospers at the beginning and throughout the play.

He seems to play the role of the cruel sorcerer using his powers to gain control over people and scare them. Yet his action towards Clinical in Act Five seems unlike the character that he has been throughout the play, How he treats Clinical does mirror how he is treats the rest of the harassers in the final scene. He does not seem to punish any of the characters, even his brother Antonio. It appears to me that once he has completed the task he wanted to complete and so is able to become Duke to Milan once again he is a more compassionate person.

He lets the other characters go free from their punishments. The only characters who seem to be pismires are Trujillo and Stephan but they are not punished by the compassionate Prospers in Act Five, They are reprimanded by Alonso. We see the change in Prosperous compassion to people greatly In Act One Scene Two we see a contrast between Prospers and Miranda. Miranda is concerned for the people on the boat. (look at reference 1). This shows Miranda to be compassionate and concerned about other people’s welfare.

However Prospers simply replies by telling her: “Tell your piteous heart There?s no harm This contrasts to Marinara’s compassionate character in this scene. Prospers appears to say this to make Miranda be silent rather than to comfort her. He appears bitter, vengeful and not concerned about other peoples feeling When explaining to Miranda Why Alonso and Antonio did not just kill then rather then send them off on a boat he replies. The love my people bore me,” (8) This quote shows that Prospers believed the people Of Milan loved him, Whether it was the truth or not.

It shows how he is relating the people back in Milan onto the Island by saying how much they loved him. This does not seem accurate as if they loved him as much as he claimed it would seem reasonable that they would stop his brother usurping the Dukedom. Prosperous belief in how people perceive him is a factor in how his character develops and changes throughout the play. He acts in a dictatorial way towards all of the characters until the final scene on the play. Even to Ariel who he says he loves, and treats affectionately “dainty Ariel! ” (9). He treats in a somewhat cruel way. Once a month recount what thou hast been,’tool) He reminds Ariel once a month of how he was trapped in a tree by Scoria. This is at the beginning of the play and again shows how cruel he is at the beginning of the play. He speaks this way to Ariel who has been his only real friend on this Island, as Clinical he does not see as human and Miranda is not only young but a woman, and so would have no real worthiness to Prospers on an intellectual level. Yet we see the character of Prospers develop and he is grateful to Ariel and shows him great affection and sadness as he sets him free. L shall miss This contrasts to the way he treat Ariel in their first scene together. He is compassionate now he has received his dukedom back and grateful for the help. This also shows how he no longer needs the power and so is happy to let Ariel free. We see a compassionate Prospers in the final scene, which is similar to his daughters compassionate nature. As the characters are sorry for their actions, Prospers is going to give them forgiveness. This is unlike how we have seen Prospers act in any other part of the play.

He is always vengeful and bitter and wanting to cause the other characters harm. It appears that Prospers does change as a character throughout the play, In Act One Scene Two where he is firstly introduced he is mean, bitter and vengeful. He seems even more so like this because of Marinara’s compassion. Even to Ariel (which we discover Prospers is very loving towards) he is unkind towards. It seems that in the final scene of the play that Prospers becomes compassionate towards the other characters after he has triumphed and realizes that he will once again become Duke of

Milan, TV he rarer action is In virtue rather than in vengeance. They being These are his words he uses saying he is going to give forgiveness because the other characters are Sony for their actions. He seems to be acting this way because he has realized that he needs the other characters to succeed in becoming the Duke of Milan once again. Also he needs to forgive Alonso so that he will give his blessing for the marriage between Miranda and Ferdinand. So it seems the event in the play help Prospers realize he can have power oviduct being cruel or needing supernatural power.

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