Explain How Brazil is Protecting its Rainforests

The Amazon's rainforest has an immense natural resource. It can provide timber and a large range of plants, food crops and medicines. The forest also has a significant effect on the World's weather. It is also home to hundreds of thousands of distinctive wildlife species.
Nevertheless, the government has a responsibility to bring development to the 14 million people who live in the Brazilian Amazon and to find ways of getting better lives for all the individuals by using its recourses wisely. All the industrialising countries have accomplished their success in this way.
According to figures published by the World Bank in 1988,it was known that 12% of the Amazon had been cleared. The Brazilian National Space Research Institute reached a worse approximation of 5%. A figure, which was reached by the NASA (the US space agency) mentioned that the forest is being cleared at only 0.3% each year. This is a smaller amount than the rate of forests being cleared in the United States.
I think that it is easy for people like us, who live outside Brazil to imagine that the forest is being destroyed and no one is able to do anything about it. Thankfully some important steps have been taken in recent years to try to protect the rainforests.
In 1987, the Polamazonia programme for setting up "development" areas in the Amazon was suspended. Then in 1988 the Brazilian Constitution emphasized the need to protect the environment. Then the year after that, development towards protection was being done. A programme named the "Nossa Natureza" which means our nature recognized a Natural Environment Fund. The Institute backs this programme for Environmental and Renewable Resources (IBAMA) in this same year tax inducement for agriculture and livestock developments in the Amazon was suspended. 6 years later, in 1995, all companies using wood as raw material or energy source had to get their ma…

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