Experiment: Growth Rate of Bra

Salt solutions in water, and fed to plants, will stunt the growth of the plants.This was tested by feeding different concentrations of salt water to several Brassica rapa plants.The more salt in the solutions, the less the plants grew, and if there is enough salt in the water, the plants died.The conclusion is that 1% or more salt in a aqueous solution will kill Brassica Rapa plants.
This experiment was conducted to demonstrate how the amount of salt dissolved into water used to water a Brassica rapa plant would affect the growth of the plant.The real biological question dealt with ere is how the plant's cells can deal with a water and salt solution at different proportions.In this case, a distilled water solution, a .5% salt solution, and a 1% salt solution were used.
I hypothesize that the higher the concentration of salt, the slower the plants will grow.This is an important idea to keep in mind to anybody who grows plants, especially for farmers who grow large quantities of plants.For example, if the salt used to de-ice the roads in the winter were to get into the water supply for a farm, it could very well be used to water an entire crop.If the concentration of salt were too high, then the crop would grow very slowly, or even die.This is quite relevant to the Alfred, New York area because salt is often used on the roads in the winter, and since Alfred is a mainly agricultural area, many farmers would be devastated by such an occurrence.
Three growing areas were set up for this experiment.Each was a plant bed filled with 50% soil and 50% Miracle Grow.Twenty germinated Brassica rapa seeds were planted in each plant bed and all three setups were placed under a halogen light.
Three watering solutions were made: one with pure, distilled water, another with .5% NaCl, and another with 1% NaCl.Every day for a 32, day period, the plants were watered with on

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