Evolution Evidence

Evolution is the process of developmental unfolding that takes place over a long period of time, and starts with a simple form then gradually grows into a more complex organism. Humans, for example, have been evolving for about eight million years to mold us into what we are today. Evolution has been an extraordinary adventure through time: the evidence is the storyteller. All life started from a simple being and has stemmed to become more complex by two dominating factors– natural selection and mutation. These are the key to evolutionary change and result in the complexity of the organism, therefore increases the survival rate. An example of this is used on girraffes. It starts with a mutation, imagine them before their long towering necks; thefirst giraffe that ever began to have one, was able to survive better than the one’s that did not. This mutation is now beneficial to the giraffe because the food source on the ground was beginning to become scarce. By natural selection, the giraffe with the mutated long neck has a better chance of survival. They reproduce and pass down their modified genes, and eventually obtaining the leaves on the high trees are the only way to survive. This process spreads like the common cold in the winter; thus giraffes have long necks.
Evolution is a fact of life.There is much debate whether evolution is fact or fiction.Fictions explanation for how the world is to the present date, begins with all humans were created in the image of God. Thefirst two humans he created was a male and female: Adam and Eve. This theory has been proven false. There is a whole timeline of changes that humans have gone through since they had theirfirst mutation, and stood on two feet instead of four like their closest relative: the ape. Three factual evidences that supports evolution’s records in the journey through time are– fossils records, biochemical similarit

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