"Euthanasia" or commonly known as assisted suicide has become one of the most talked about social issues in the World.Euthanasia, or mercy killing, presents some very difficult and painful dilemmas for doctors, patients, family members, and moral philosophers. (426) Even with these difficult and painful dilemmas the patient or person has the right to live or the right to die.This is what we believe and understand freedom to be, by having the right to privacy, liberty, and the control over his or her body. This dilemma of assisted suicide has brought quite a dilemma to our physicians and court systems.The reason for this is because euthanasia becomes a serious issue with families when a serious accident puts a patient in a comatose state and or otherwise incapable of making a competent decision.James Rachel believes there are two forms of euthanasia.First, he states that mercy sometimes requires mercy killing because the pain involved in a terminal illness may be greater than the life itself.Secondly, he states that the Golden rule would be adequate enough to escape the extreme pain.The morals of this Golden rule are as follows, if it is ok for me then it must be ok for another individual.
Unfortunately, there are many cases in the World were the terminally ill person can't or is physically unable to make a decision on their life.One such case has set a pace for the future of Euthanasia." The Supreme Court of New Jersey, in a much published case, decided in 1976 to allow the parents of Karen Ann Quinlan to remove her respirator.She was comatose and diagnosed as having no chance of regaining consciousness.The court decided the Quinlan's right to privacy gave her and her guardian the right to decide the course of her treatment, since a respirator, which might be deemed ordinary for a curable patient, should count as extraordinary for someone with poor prognosis." (42…

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