EUTHANASIA To Help or Hinder

Personally, I disagree with euthanasia. I don’t think God
intended for man to decide when, where, and how to take
Sometimes we as humans feel we are helping others and
in actuality end up hurting more than anything. A prime
example is Dr. Kevorkian. Kevorkian assisted approximatley
thirty people with euthanasia. He and his patients thought
they were helping to end a life of pain and misery. In reality,
they left behind more pain and misery than peace. I think
it was morally wrong to let Kevorkian kill all those people
because had he been a minority, with society being the way
it is today, he would have been arrested after thefirst few
acts of euthanasia. But because Kevorkian is viewed as a
powerful white male he was allowed to “get awat with” numerous
euthanasia killings. I thought this to be very inhumane seeing
that after he assisted the people in dying, he dropped their
bodies off at different hospitals. To me, this is like
someone dropping garbage off at a waste site. That does’t
seem very caring or humane to me. It looks like you’re just
out for the financial rewards to be obtained as a result of a
Another point that makes me curious about Kevorkian and doctors
like him is that the American Medical Association does not
honor or acknowledge them. Personally, I wouldn’t want
anyone like this assisting me with any medical matter.
There were several patients who did not give Kevorkian
permission to perform euthanasia, but he did anyway. These
people’s rights were violated. If they were like a lot of
terminally ill people, they aren’t able to consent to
anything. If these people are in this condition, how can you
help them? You can’t even determine if they want your help or
not. It is not up to another human to determine the fate of someone
else. Because of this god-like pratice, we need laws passed
against euthanasia before it is uncontrolla…

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