Euthanasia summary report

The main focus on the following two summarized articles is the euthanasia issue.Two terminally ill men have been looked at with the focus on euthanasia, whether they should be allowed to "die with dignity" or suffer pain to a "natural end".
Mark Foster was diagnosed with Motor Neurone Disease in 1994.Motor Neurone Disease is a fatal degenerative condition that attacks the nervous system.Sufferers rarely survive more than five years after diagnosis.Mark who is a garden designer is a father of three and is married to Nathalie.His quality of life is poor.He cannot eat, he cannot move, he cannot talk.His lungs need regular suctioning to help him breathe.He is not in pain; he is alert and aware but is trapped in a body that barely functions.Mark Foster wants to live.His biggest battle has been with the medical profession who have, in his opinion, urged him to let his precious life slip away, to die with what they consider dignity.They have never suggested withholding treatment but have implied that it may be the best way for him and his family.At times, he has faltered.His terminal illness has terrified him, it has sapped his will to survive but he is determined that no one will take from him the life he has left.He states'even if I only do the littlest thing with the children and teach them something each day, it was worth me being here'.His story is one of inspiration but one that also frighteningly illustrates the subtle pressure that exists for the terminally ill to embrace euthanasia.In his darkest moments, it has not been his appalling illness that has made him contemplate letting his life go, it has been the medical professionals.Mark states that there was a time when he was going to give in to his doctors but now he says'how dare they'.Mark has a happy family home.Nathalie says'people think that, even if they were half as ill as he is, they wo…

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