Euthanasia is the act of deliberately taking a persons life, also it is known as "mercy killing." Is euthanasia ethical? There are many different opinions on this issue, but in my opinion there is no question: it is unethical. Many people believe that euthanasia ensures a painless death; however, many people have had caesuras because of the drugs given to "ensure a painless death." Is death ever painless though? Our doctors are coming up with new medicines everyday, and we need to use our advanced technology to our benefit. Does this question the Bible? In the Bible it states that humans are unique and are being made in the image of God. If are being made in the image of God, then should this act of crime be legalized? Ask yourself would God legalize this act?
Today no one is for sure about this issue; most discussions of euthanasia are about the difference between suicide, the canceling of life support, and mercy killing. A family member or friend to end suffering defines it as taking the life. Euthanasia is an act where a person performs an action that deliberately kills another person. For example: you can give them an overdose of drugs or pulling the plug on life support. Voluntary euthanasia is when the person who is killed wanted to die, which is suicide. Non- Voluntary is when a person is killed without even being asked if they wanted to die. Assisted suicide is when someone provides a person with the information and guidance and the hope that the person will kill him or her. Euthanasia by action is intentionally causing a persons death by lethal injection. Euthanasia by omission is intentionally killing someone by not feeding him or her or giving him or her water.In other situations the doctor can kill the patient by a lethal injection, which creates a disease that kills the patient. Doctors do this sometimes because they get tired of the patient always having to care for them. The Hippocratic oath is …

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