There are many controversial issues about euthanasia for public. Is Euthanasia a human right? We put animals out of their misery rather than let them suffer unbearable pain, so why should we let human beings suffer the same amount of pain? But this pragmatic approach ignored the value of human life. ‘Euthanasia is a term which has long lost its connection with the greek ethymon of good death, and it is often used in current debate with quite different meanings.? ( Euthanasia includes both voluntary and involuntary termination of life. The peoples who agree euthanasia find that it can release patient from an unbearable agony and can reduce the burdens that weigh on the family. But they ignored the patient?s real wills. Is Euthanasia would lift a financial burden? The possibility of preventing advancement in the medical field and who going to control it. And the personal dignity of the patient.
The peoples who agree believe that the act of applying of euthanasia or otherwise known as a mercy killing can release a dying patient from an unbearable agony, and it will let them die in a peaceful and painless way. For example, a victim who has been terminally injured in an accident lessen his inevitable pain the victim should be given the right to end his life legally. If the individual wishes to be released from the suffering he is experiencing, I believe that it should not be denied. Also, in the case of an incurable terminal illness, euthanasia would be the only solution.
Secondly, there are burdens that weigh on the family of the patient who has requested euthanasia that weigh heavily upon them. One of the burdens that rest upon the family is the financial aspect. If the patient has requested euthanasia as a last desire, I believe that the burden of paying for the operation should not wholly rest on the patient’s family. Yes, the fee for this operation is costly, bu…

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