All humans can look forward to the certainty of death and hope that one day they will die peacefully without prolonged suffering.This is not that case in Australia at the present time.By law, people are condemned to long periods of suffering and/or total dependence on machines or other people to care for them night and day. Until which point that the various different life support systems that have already kept this person in their near death state for much longer than he would have without them, fail and nature takes over and the person passes away.
Do you think it unreasonable that this person if he or she so wishes could say goodbye to all relatives and friends and then end his pain and suffering with a painless injection which would bypass the terrible ordeal of being attached to machines that make him live possibly in pain with absolutely no pleasure in the last days of his life.
There is also an issue from the families point of view, if a patient slips into a coma with no hope of waking up or is damaged to the point that they live like a vegetable in a hospital bed it would be much better for the family if Euthanasia was an option, The life support systems could keep the patient alive for weeks to months before he or she passes away it could be very distressing for the family and friends knowing he is alive but they will never be able to speak to him again and they can't help but to visit him even though talking to him is next best thing to a log!It would be much better if he would pass on and the family could have a funeral go through the grieving process and move on.
There are laws that must go hand in hand with Euthanasia being legalised the most important is that it must be Voluntary if the patient does not wish to have Euthanasia then he should not be given it and should not be forced into it by doctors or anyone else.The choice should be given only to people who have no hope of recovery,

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