In Leon R. Kass' article entitled "Why Doctors Must Not Kill" he argues that in no circumstance do doctors have the right to use either active or passive euthanasia as a form of treatment.His argument for his position is unfounded and inconclusive for the fact that he does not have enough factual information to substantiate his claim.Mr. Kass has several main points he uses to argue his claim.First is his claim that if doctors were given this "license to kill" then doctors' ethics would spiral out of control and doctors would begin euthanizing patients that did not necessarily want or need to be euthanized.His second major point is that doctors do not have the right to play God, by deciding a persons' fate.Mr. Kass's arguments are not based on factual info but on his own personal moral beliefs.
Mr. Kass ' argument that doctors will begin performing unnecessary euthanizations is an unfounded standpoint.He believes that doctors will begin euthanizing patients that are "chronically but not terminally ill" or in some cases doctors will actively euthanize patients that are "Unruly or resist doctors best efforts." (Pg. 1001) Mr. Kass does not show evidence to substantiate his claim.He does use a survey of 300 physicians that was performed in Holland, where they were each asked had they ever performed euthanasia, and 40 percent had done so without the patients' request (pg. 1003).He uses this information as a support for his belief.What this survey does not show is whether or not the active euthanizations performed where necessary or unjustifiable.Without this information included in this survey, it does not make this survey a sufficient enough source to support his claim.
Mr. Kass' second argument as to why euthanasia should not be legalized is that doctors do not have the right to play God by deciding whether or not their p

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