Dying is apart of life. Sometimes many people unfortunately die young, while others have the opportunity to see many years. Euthanasia is another way that some people choose to end their suffering. The practice of ending someone's life is viewed as something positive but in fact is very negative. Euthanasia is ethically and morally wrong because we are not God so therefore we cannot take away a life and if we do it is murder.
There are various reasons why euthanasia is seen as something wrong. One of these reasons is based on religion. Christianity, Judaism and Islam all hold human life as sacred and do not agree with euthanasia. The Islam Qur'an states "Take not life which Allah made sacred, other wise that in the course of justice" Any aspect of taking other lives is not in these religions and the concept of a life not worth living does not exists in Islam . When God gave the ten commandments to his people on Mount – Sinai all living beings were ordered to abide by 10 commands or rules , one of those rules being "thou shall not kill". Mercy killing is going againstThe commands of God.
Life is a gift from God therefore people cannot choose when to take it away. God is the one who gives you life and he is the only one who decides when to take it away.The purpose and the mission of the health care system is to help save lives, not help to end life. Humans do not have the right to end someone's suffering If a person who is in there right state of mind and can deal with pain with medication then there should be no reason why they should decide to die just to take misery away. Suffering is a part of life. God does not send us any experience we cannot handle. God supports people in suffering.
Euthanasia is murder. And anyone who assist in euthanasia should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law which would befirst-degree murder. Murder in thefirst degree is a calculated act, an act tha…

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