There are very few issues in medical ethics that are as highly debated as euthanasia.The topic raises questions including who has the right to take a life and under what circumstances.Furthermore, it examines under what conditions a person is perceived as being dead or as having no quality of life left.When most people think of euthanasia, they think merely of death. Death is usually perceived negatively even though at times it may be beneficial. People whose ideas are shaped by religion, media, and misinformation often attack euthanasia. In reality, euthanasia provides a way for humans in unbearable and incurable situations to be relieved of their afflictions. Because of its current illegality, many people are left to suffer. The legalization and acceptance of euthanasia would benefit humanity.
Imagine living your whole life the way you want to live it, then you get cancer and you have to go through chemotherapy and countless difficult procedures.It just so happens that this kind of cancer cannot be cured and the doctor informs you that have about 7 months to live.Those next months are supposed to be extremely painful and you decide that you do not want to go through all the pain and suffering.You talk to your doctor and he says that it is not possible for him to end your misery and none of your friends or your family members are not willing to do it.There is only one choice left and that is suicide, but how are you going to do it, hang your self, eat rat poison, jump
off a cliff.With the benefit of euthanasia, these are not choices you would be forced to make.
It is quite difficult to understand how it feels to actually want to end your life because of so much pain. If you could be put in the position of a suffering patient, then you would realize how much easier and painless it is to die then to live in a hospital room until you die naturally. It prevents the grueling anguish one is put through when li

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