Ethical Issues in Organ Donation

Some Ethical issues associated with having a commercial market in human body parts.
"The ethical defence of organ donation hinges both on the benefit to all parties and the lack of harm, distress, or indignity caused to the dying and bereaved" (Raid & Nicholls 2000). The donors dies with their wish to donate organs being respected and their family gains comfort in the knowledge that their relative’s death led to help for someone else. In addition the patients awaiting transplantation benefit from donors; generosity and society also gains as fewer resources are spent on treatment.
Financial reimbursement may destroy the altruism of the donation process, a component that many donor families find alluring and therapeutic. (Sanders, Devney, Young & Raffin, 1992).
A commercial market in human body parts will allow the direct purchasing of organs by the public, which opens up the market to the possibility of wrongful exploitation.For example, the rich will be able to use their purchasing power and money to exploit the market at the expense of the poor. They have the means and the money to pay for the organ that they desire, and although they might not have been waiting for the organ as long as others and their condition are not as critical, the fact is if they can afford to pay then that organ is theirs.Therefore with the introduction of financial incentives for organ donation the poor will be deprived of an equal chance of benefiting. (Harris & Erin, 2002).
Further more the financial incentives to donors will open up the market to the possibility of poor quality organs. Financially vulnerable individuals might use the market to sell organs that are not in top quality, in order to get themselves out of financial trouble.With no one monitoring the market, there will be no one to screen every available organ for defects. (Murray , 1994)
;Financial incentives to donor families also introduce the po…

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