Women, Inequality and Poverty


"We are concerned about the direction of Canadian equality rights jurisprudence, the positions being advanced by governments in equality rights litigation, and the apparent unwillingness of the courts to be… More

Women’s Rights in America and How They Fought For Them


During the early history of the United Statestherewaslittle,if anyrespectfortheprincipleofwomen’srights.In an intensely patriarchal society a man “†virtually owned his wifeandchildrenashe did his material possessions. If a poor man chose to… More

Women Rights


Women rights have gained greater attention with feminist activities and call for liberation of women. The consistent and gradual erosion of patriarchic system is the only way true liberation can… More

Women in the Military Focus on Sexual Harassment


Sexual harassment of women in the military has increasingly become an issue acknowledged by officers and civilians.Sexual harassment of women in the military can have profound effects on a woman’s… More

William Bratton and the Compstat Idea


William Bratton is not afraid of hard work.He does not back away from a challenge; rather, he embraces it.Perhaps this is why he became so successful in the field of… More

Why We Needed to Invade Iraq


Invasion of Iraq is not just to satisfy the selfish quest of getting a tight grip over one of the biggest supplier of one of the most important commodity –… More

Why Lawyers are Good for Healthcare


Healthcare, in its most basic context, can be viewed as an essential human right, and as such, certain standards must be upheld within healthcare if the best interests, and indeed… More

Why Gun Control is Wrong


Once upon a time Americans had what they believed to be a solution to crime it was called gun control. Gun control was a relatively simple concept; if you reduce… More

Why George W. Bush Should Not Be Reelected


The decision of any electorate to reelect the current presidential incumbent is usually contingent on his or her performance on important issues such as economic development, social justice, and foreign… More

Why Cigarettes Should Be Banned


Despite decades of the consumer warnings of unpleasant and early deaths, cigarettes have not been banned and made illegal. The cigarette industry has had numerous claims filed against it over… More


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